The Ventures Group (TVG), partners and sponsors of the 2015 World Youth Rhino Summit, will be hosting the 2015 Winter Summit at Seula Zimbili from 2 – 5 July!
We’re looking forward to welcoming 120 new Rhino Warriors to this ‘Winter Rhino Camp’ on the banks of the Tugela River where they will partake in team building activities alongside the rhino conservation discussion & debate program followed at the 2014 Summit.

World renowned wildlife vet, Dr William Fowlds will be attending as guest speaker along with other conservation leaders.

Continuing the theme of Culture & Conservation, Qadasi and Maqhinga will be providing entertainment and Rhino Art Ambassador, Richard Mabanga will play an integral role in the program.

The voices of our youth represent hope at a time when the rhino poaching crisis has been recognised as a worldwide wildlife emergency


Wildlife crime has exploded in recent years to meet the increasing demand for rhino horn, elephant ivory, tiger and other wildlife products. Today, the trade in wildlife and natural resources is the fourth most profitable illegal trade in the world, after drugs, arms and human trafficking, estimated at US$284 billion annually. It is critical, not only to educate the younger generation so that they may become Ambassadors for our wildlife, but to use their messages to drive action at a local, national and international level.

“I believe our generation has done its best and now the torch has been handed over to you…”

Dr Ian Player


New Zealand







UK – England


USA – Virginia





Mozambique – Maputo




South Africa

“Let us not be the generation that did nothing about it…”



The World Youth Wildlife Declaration is an immediate outcome of the World Youth Rhino Summit and was signed by all delegates, chaperones, conservationists and guests at the Closing Ceremony.


In the year to come, the Declaration will travel round the world collecting supportive messages and signatures before being presented to global leaders, as part of the World Youth Rhino Summit’s on-going aim to build a Global Youth Movement against Rhino Poaching and Wildlife Crime.


We, representing the Youth of the World, gathered at Centenary Centre in the symbolic Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park from the 21st – 23rd September 2014 as a call to action against rhino poaching and wildlife crime.


This Declaration is a result of 130 000 ‘hearts and minds’ messages already composed by young people participating in the international Rhino Art – Let the Children’s Voices Be Heard Campaign.


We, the Youth, are deeply disturbed by the worsening rhino poaching crisis, the exploitation of our natural heritage by organised criminal syndicates, and the subversion of our communities – all fed by human greed and deep-rooted corruption.


We demand that our voices be heard!


We do not want to be the generation that tell our grandchildren that we did nothing about it and so we call upon global leaders to join us in bringing the illegal trade in wildlife to an end.

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