“The World Youth Rhino Summit has been one of the most inspiring and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever been part of. I learned so much about rhino poaching, standing up for something I believe in and how I can help. I am definitely going to go home and share my knowledge.”

Monhé van der Walt, South Africa


A humanitarian adventurer, author, TV Personality and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Getaway Magazine calls him their Explorer in Residence and the most traveled man in Africa.


Kingsley has personally spent time in the ‘Rhino War Zone’ along the Mozambique border with the Kruger National Park and his Foundation remains the driving force behind the Rhino Art campaign, reaching young people in other African countries affected by rampant poaching and wildlife crime. Along with their campaign partner Project Rhino KZN, they continue to educate and drive awareness amongst thousands of young people in South Africa, Pan-Africa and other parts of the world, including Vietnam.


The World Youth Rhino Summit is a result of the information gleaned from thousands of young people throughout Africa from the Rhino Art Let Our Children’s Voices Be Heard campaign.


Project Rhino KZN was formed in 2011 by KwaZulu-Natal’s conservation sector to work collaboratively against escalating rhino poaching and wildlife crime. 18 well-known and reputable organisations make up this provincial association that has pioneered an ethos of working in unity against a common threat between State, private and leading conservation NGOs.


It plays an important role in growing public support for KZN’s efforts to remain at the forefront of rhino conservation, particularly in the following 5 Priorities:


1)     Rhino Security – including the Zululand Anti-Poaching Wing, provision of anti-poaching equipment and training, support for rhino security operations and maintaining operational networks in Zululand and the Midlands region of KZN;
2)     Community Engagement, Education & Awareness – includes the Rhino Art campaign, sustainable conservation-based livelihoods and the World Youth Rhino Summit;
3)     Legislation, Lobbying & Legal Action - in 2015 we are launching an intervention to improve legal support for rangers & APUs engaging with poaching gangs;
4)     Cooperation at provincial, national and international levels amongst key stakeholders; 5)     Fundraising and Public Awareness – maintaining public awareness, empathy and support, and secure the funding needs of key Project Rhino KZN initiatives.




The generous hosts for the first ever World Youth Rhino Summit were KwaZulu-Natal’s conservation agency tasked with biodiversity-conservation and maintaining KZN’s wilderness areas and public nature reserves.


Home to the second largest rhino population in Africa after the Kruger National Park, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is a founding member of Project Rhino KZN and is the state partner in the Zululand Anti-Poaching Wing



The American International School of Mozambique is a private, co-educational school for international students that attract pupils from business, government and diplomat families in Mozambique and neighbouring countries.


The Principal, Colleen Fletcher and two senior teachers, Sonja & Len de Beer, were responsible for the development and running of the academic elements (Indabas)of the Summit programme, utilising their experience to stimulate an intellectual, free-thinking debate at United Nations level among students from a wide background of culture and language.