“The World Youth Rhino Summit has been one of the most inspiring and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever been part of. I learned so much about rhino poaching, standing up for something I believe in and how I can help. I am definitely going to go home and share my knowledge.”

Monhé van der Walt, South Africa

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In an effort to fight the war against poaching, Rhino Art involves local communities that are at times the silent witnesses to the slaughter. They increase conservation awareness amongst the youth and cultivate a next generation of wildlife ‘ambassadors’ that have a vested interest in the protection of rhino and other endangered species.


By recording the Rhino Art conservation messages they hope to gain an understanding of what is in the hearts and minds of the children. They are able to identify specific themes communicated as a result of the art and in some cases gain ‘intelligence’ with regards to poaching syndicates. This information is translated to authorities to help combat poaching activities. African children have a real voice that can be used to strengthen relationships with government bodies and mobilise politicians and authorities to listen.

The activities at the schools are designed to be informative, fun and rewarding with children also participating in a soccer game and winning prizes.

For more information please contact bronwyn.laing@live.co.za