“They say there are trips that can change your life forever – this has been a trip like that. You have changed my life. So now, I will do something to change the Vietnamese. I will send my small – but strong – voice to protect the wild animals and nature’s beauty.”

Bui Thi Kieu Trinh, Vietnam/strong>

A Global Youth Movement Against Rhino Poaching and Wildlife Crime

The conservation and law enforcement community faces a mammoth task in the years ahead, not merely to protect endangered species but to reach the hearts and minds of key decision makers who have the ability to be agents of change – the youth are an influential weapon and it is the purpose of the World Youth Rhino Summit to catalyse them into action, engaging with them and strategic partners in conservation and let their voices be heard.


Post-Summit Mission Statement

The 2014 World Youth Rhino Summit held at Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park has kick-started a global youth movement against rhino poaching and wildlife crime.  The clear objective going forward is to ensure that the World Youth Wildlife Declaration and the 6 Resolutions as written by the youth sound a world-wide call to action.  Our aim is to ensure the voices and actions of the youth are seen and heard by a global audience.

Action 1

Support the 2014 Summit delegates in their personal community-based actions and assist them to create an online Global Youth Movement speaking out against rhino poaching and wildlife crime.

Action 2

Send the World Youth Wildlife Declaration around the world to garner messages of support and for presentation to global leaders, governments and relevant agencies. The ‘travelling’ Declaration will be used to add to the energy of the online movement, creating a global network – motivating key decision makers to create change.

Action 3

The voices of the youth have and will continue to be heard – their messages require action and the World Youth Rhino Summit will play a role in actioning the Resolutions and spreading the footprint of the inaugural World Youth Rhino Summit to a world-wide community-based audience, through participating schools, youth organisations, NGOs and other interested parties.

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