“You young people of the 21st Century have a task of critical importance. You have to ensure that ancient animals like the rhino continue to survive, so that your grand-children will be able to see them too. In this you dare not fail. We conservationists have done our duty to God and the animals. We now hand over this responsibility to you. Determined leadership and dedication are desperately needed at this time.”

Dr Ian Player

Why a World Youth Rhino Summit?

Rhino Warriors showed their concern for the rhino – one of South Africa’s Big Five – by drawing and adding their messages to a simple outline on an A3 piece of paper, what they didn’t know was that from their desks in a rural school, they would pave the way for a global movement; the world’s first Youth Rhino Summit.


The Rhino Art – Let the Children’s Voices Be Heard campaign is the most comprehensive youth-orientated survey on the attitude of young people towards rhino poaching ever carried out in Southern Africa.


The campaign has now reached over 130,000 youths throughout southern and central Africa with a rhino conservation message that encourages them to voice their thoughts about rhino poaching. It involves local communities that are at times silent witnesses to the rhino poaching war, giving them the education needed to realise the crisis at hand.


It became clear that the voices of the youth needed to be heard as a world-wide call to action against rhino poaching and wildlife crime.